Montibello Cromatone Meteorites

Montibello Cromatone Meteorites

Montibello Cromatone Meteorites


The secret to illuminating and rejuvenating hair.CROMATONE METEORITES Catalogue_Page_05

The first and only colour platform that illuminates and rejuvenates Blonde Hair.

3 Techniques that infuse hair with the power of light to boost shine, create multi-tonal depth and enhance your clients features.

Hair is 3 times brighter.

Hair is 83% silkier.

Hair looks 70% younger.

Colour is 60% purer.

Select the technique that best suits her individual needs:

Cromatone Meteorite Blondes

Cromatone Meteorite SuperBlondes

Cromatone Meteorite Toners

Cromatone Meteorite Flash Illuminator Serum


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