Crazy Color Hair Dye

Crazy Color Hair Dye

Crazy Color Hair Dye was launched in 1977, in the midst of the punk rock explosion and has been loved worldwide ever since. The heart of the brand has been kept pumping by its loyal following and cult status.

 In every iconic pink bottle comes a colour that will rocket your world.

A daring hair colour choice that delivers looks with impact, Crazy Color is classed by many as the original and best semi-permanent hair colour available.

Crazy Colour is the ideal product for:

Life and shine on natural hair

Just a hint of colour on natural light hair

Glowing colours on very light or bleached hair

To revive faded oxidation on tinted hair and to achieve a richer longer lasting colour and condition

To add depth and richness of colour immediately after tinting

To beautifully shade bleached hair

To remove unwanted yellow tones, green tones, etc.

Re-pigmenting over bleached hair


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